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Robin of Sherwood
Fantasy-drama series by Richard Carpenter based on the Robin Hood legend. of Loxley, also called 'The Hooded Man' lives with his friends in the forests of Sherwood. They fight against the Normandic rulers who oppress the population of the region, especially Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.Robin of Loxley was succeeded by Robert of Huntingdon, a renegade nobleman, at the beginning of season three. By gaining the trust of the other members of the group and living his life as Robin would have, he soon proves himself as a worthy successor.This adaptation of the Robin Hood legend leans heavily on mystic and magic. This is also reinforced by the soundtrack of the Irish band Clannad.
Uloge: Peter Llewellyn Williams, Ray Winstone, Mark Ryan, Clive Mantle, Judi Trott, Phil Rose, Robert Addie, John Abineri, Nickolas Grace, Jason Connery, Michael Praed, Jeremy Bulloch, Philip Jackson, Stuart Linden, Wayne Michaels, Steve Dent, Richard O'Brien, Clive Willbond-Hill, James Coombes, Claire Toeman, Martin West, Robbie Bulloch, George Baker, Mark Lewis, Phil Davis, Graham Pritchard, Maureen Bennett, Roger McKern, Olive Lucius, Deborah Cranston, Oliver Cotton, David Charkham, Ian Redford, Robert Daws, Iain Armstrong, Tom Fry, Steven Osborne, David Sivier, Anthony Valentine, Bradley Lavelle, Keith Bartlett, Gregory Cox, Nicholas Pritchard, Shelley Pielou, Pavel Douglas, Gaby Dellal, Michael Craig, Ben Davis, Robin Holder, Richard Bonehill,