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H2O: Just Add Water
Season One: The lifes of three girls living on the Australian Gold Coast are changed forever. When Cleo, Emma and Rikki stumble upon a pool inside the dreaded Mako Island, a full moon transforms them and the next day they start turning into super powered mermaids! With the help of friend Lewis, the girls manage to control their powers and hide their secrets. But it becomes difficult with maddening full moons, nosey scientists and local bad boy Zane going on a quest to find them!Season Two: Following the incident with Dr Denman and the Lunar Eclipse, Emma, Cleo and Rikki want to go back to their normal lives. But when the full moon comes back, all three girls have a dramatic power change! Without Lewis, they could destroy themselves. But their friend is trying his best to help them, despite his relationship with geeky Charlotte. But Charlotte proves to be more of a threat when she learns about her grandmother being a mermaid and stumbles into the miin pool- and becomes a mermaid herself!
Uloge: Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, Angus McLaren, Burgess Abernethy, Claire Holt, Alan David Lee, Cleo Massey, Jamie Timony, Ariu Lang Sio, Indiana Evans, Luke Mitchell, Brittany Byrnes, Taryn Marler, Caroline Kennison, Trent Sullivan, Jared Robinsen, Annabelle Stephenson, Penni Gray, Craig Horner, Christopher Poree, Deborah Coulls, Jarreau La Castra, Christine Amor, Alice Hunter, Joss McWilliam, Ben Timony, Hamish Orr, Matt Okine, Andrew Lees, Mouche Phillips, Jordan Patrick Smith, Teri Haddy, Remy Hii, Martin Vaughan, Rebekah Madden-Fisher, Tiffany Lamb, Lara Cox, Paul Bishop, Ashleigh Brewer, Scott McLean, Andrea Moor, Nicole Downs, Jade Paskins, Yasca Sinigaglia, Andy McPhee, Matthew Scully, Chas Green, Ryan Sheldrake, Brigette Paroissien, Bradd Buckley, Steve Harman, Joey Massey, Carrie Schroeder, Michael Parlato, Tracy Mann, Dajana Cahill, Craig Marriott, Cory Robinson, Lauren Brant, Scott McRae, Kimberley Chapman, Leon Cain, Graham Moore, Gavin Coleman, Martin Challis, Raelene Chapman, Rachael Lister, Shae Mahoney, Liz Buchanan, Damien Garvey, Chris Palframan, Jaala Webster, Zander Hey, Peter Kent, Todd Levi, Thomas Malios, Bridget Watson, Lincoln Lewis, Jill McLeod, Brenton Bell, Jarrad Pon, Lisa-Jane Stockwell, Stu Cochrane, Kate Fitzpatrick, Iain Gardiner, Damon Gibson, Akira Yoshikawa, Kaitlyn Clare, Mick Corrigan, J.J. Talefuna, Dillon Stephensen, Jamie Ellen Ewing, Clinton Stewart, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Fraser Crane, Renee Bowen, Emilia Burns, Preston Forsyth, Noel Sheridan, Steven Tandy, Hsiao Ling Tang, Amrita Tarr, Mira Pawel, Tonya Hockman, Eugene Gilfedder, Ashleigh Lawrence, Chantal Li, Alex Kuzelicki, Melanie Feeney, Rick J. Mitchell, Candice Dixon, Chris Hillier, Brett Sellwood, Zane Allabadlah, Gemma Forsyth, Timothy Amos, Casceilia, Jenna Hudson, Arna-Maria Winchester, Kyle Gardiner, Damien Bryson, Thomas Calder, Flloyd Kennedy, Liam Pierce, Dominic Deutscher, Michael Harrison, Chester Whiting, Ian Greenleaf, Colin, Samuel Nolan, Lucy Fry, Lucas Ross, Tim McDonald, Casey Nissen, James Stewart, Anna Waters-Massey, Stefan Singh, Jo Christiaans, Joe Davidson, Tim Kirchler, T. Maxwell Smith,